Ruifuxiang Silk-Since Shop of Shandong Tyan Home Co., Ltd Profile

Ruifuxiang Silk-Since Shop of Shandong Tyan Home Co., Ltd


Ruifuxiang Silk-Since Shop of Shandong Tyan Home Co., Ltd, also called as Jinan Ruifuxiang Silk-Since Shop (the former Ruifuxiang Hongji Silk-Since Shop), is a subsidiary company of Shandong Tyan Home Co., Ltd (referring to as “Tyan Stock” hereinafter). The shop, established and invested by Family Meng at Jiujun Town, Zhangqiu County, Shandong Province in 1862, has the history of over 150 years, and is place of origin of Ruifuxiang semicolon in various places such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Qingdao and Yantai. The word “Rui” of the shop name is the symbol of good luck; “Fu” cites the literary quotation of “Qingfu Return Currency” (Qingfu is an insect in ancient time, and the baby insect coated with blood of its mother could fly back. Qingfu represents copper coin in ancient times); “Xiang” has meaning of good luck on one hand, and shops established by shop owner Family Meng had Xiang character on another hand. In general, it has the meaning good luck and abundant wealth. After New China was established, Ruifuxiang entered new era with blooming development, became one of backbone state-owned textile wholesale enterprises, and was awarded as “China's Time-Honored Brand” by Ministry of Domestic Trade. It obtains model enterprise of Shandong Province and “observing contracts and keeping promises” enterprise title.

Since reorganizing by Tyan Stock, the company pays high attention to development and building of “Ruifuxiang” – the Chinese traditional old shop, insists on traditional operating concept of the times of Meng Luochuan, regards “honest prices and goods, accurate length, no imposition on the young and the old, credit first and customers foremost” as operating tenet, makes great efforts in carrying forward and further developing honorable tradition of the time-honored brand, forms own feature in long-term operating activities, and registers own product trademarks. At present, the company mainly deals with wool, silk, cotton cloth, clothes, bedding, brand shroud, etc. On the basis of insisting on operating tradition products, the shop tracks the step of the era’s development, meets special needs of different age and level customers according to wearing need of modern persons, introduces senior professional cutters, makes service items such as calculating material by measuring body and processing with supplied material, develops high grade traditional Chinese garments and modern fashionable dress with new style continuously, increases product quality and type, has variable colors and patterns, and improves economic benefit continuously while developing the time-honored brand.

On the basis of keeping excellent tradition of Ruifuxiang. Tyan Stock expands new fields, makes traditional culture inherit, and continue new brilliance.