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Shandong Ruifuxiang Trade Co., Ltd



Shandong Ruifuxiang Trade Co., Ltd, established in 2003, has registered capital of 20 million Yuan. The company is located in the middle of Quancheng Road – the business center circle of Jinan City, is close to Guihe Shopping Center and Henglong Square in the west, Shimao international plaza in the eastSilver Plaza Shop and Silver Plaza Underground Shopping Square in the south, Provincial People's Congress and Provincial Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Folk Hibiscus Street and Pearl Spring in the north, and is near to many financial institutes and companies.

The shop is divided into four layers inside, and has business area of 11,660 square meters. The company has main operating business of leasing and sales, carryed out steel and building material sales at the same time, and has good sales performance.

Since its opening, businesses of the shop show flourishing tendency after continuous development. After continuous rebuilding and update by the governments in recent years, Quancheng Road has become one popular plot, which integrates commerce, business, playing, leisure and entertainment, and is “golden street” that is prided by Jinan persons. With large modern businesses such as Henglong Square and Shanghai Shimao entering, current Quancheng Road attracts the people’s view by fresh feature, we believe that the company uses the Quancheng Road as a platform, its business performance will have a greater leap.