Boshen Financing Lease (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Profile

Boshen Financing Lease (Shanghai) Co., Ltd



Boshen Financing Lease (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (referring to as “Boshen Lease” hereinafter), established on January 27, 2015, is a holding subsidiary company of Shandong Tyan Home Co., Ltd(referring to as “Tyan Stock” hereinafter), and is financing lease company with foreign capital after approval by Management Committee of China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone. The company has registered capital of 30 million US dollars, and enterprise type is limited liability company (joint venture with Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and domestic capitals). Main businesses include: financing lease business; lease business; purchase foreign and domestic lease property; residual value disposal and repair of lease property; lease deal consultation and guarantee; commercial factoring business relevant with main businesses.

Target business of Boshen Lease is defined as meeting own business need of Tyan Stock, and provides financing leasing business to cooperators and industrial chain upstream and downstream clients of Tyan Stock and Tyan Group; it provides financing leasing business to national large enterprises such as nuclear power, petroleum, energy and mining; it provides financing leasing services to listed company and large private group company with strong guarantee and credit. At present, Boshen Lease has reached cooperation intention with some national large enterprises of industries such as nuclear power, petroleum and energy.