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Yantai Cunbao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd



I. Basic situation of company

Yantai Cunbao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd (referring to as “Yantai Company” hereinafter) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shandong Tyan Home Co., Ltd (Tyan Stock). The company, established on August 10, 2012, has registered capital of 22 million Yuan. After its establishment, Yantai Company insists on operating concept of “seeking existence by fine projects and making development by serving the people” all the time, builds comparatively well-off residential areas, and meets residential needs of different level customers.

II. Project  overview

Yantai Tyan · Shengshi Jingyuan project, located at No. 755, Yongda Street, Fushan District, is the first development project of Tyan Yantai Company. The project is the first station of north explosion of main urban area, is at the junction between Fushan District, Development Area and Zhifu District, and has a  great regional development potential.

 The project has floor area of 38,005 m2 and total building area of 125,000 m2, wherein total residential area is over 80,000 m2, house types are mainly two rooms with 80 m2 and three rooms with 85-110 m2, total quantity is 897 houses, ratio of underground parking lot and total house is as high as 1:1. The project has complete auxiliary around and rich educational source, and own commercial area with near 10,000 m2 can also provide convenient daily living service to the owners.

Yantai Tyan · Shengshi Jingyuan project, as the first project of Tyan Stock in Yantai, will bring great improvement to living quality of Yantai’s residents.