Dongying Subsidiary of Shandong Tyan Home Co., Ltd

Dongying Subsidiary of Shandong Tyan Home Co., Ltd


I. Basic situation of the company

Dongying Subsidiary of Shandong Tyan Home Co., Ltd (referring to as “Dongying Subsidiary”) is a subsidiary of Shandong Tyan Home Co., Ltd (Tyan stock). The company, established in May 2007, has main business of real estate development and sales. For many years, Dongying Subsidiary Company insists prospect of “caring the world and establishing long-history enterprise” all the time, bases on Dongying markets,  develops and builds three projects, i.e., Tyan ? Shengshi Longcheng, Shengshi Lanting, Shengshi Huafu. It finishes development scale of near 670,000 square meters, and makes total investment of near 2 billion Yuan.

II. Project overview

1. Tyan · Shengshi Longcheng project

Tyan · Shengshi Longcheng project develops health and environmental protection topping community, is at the north of Huanghe Road, south of Beiyi Road and west of Taihangshan Road, has floor area of 236,700 square meters, develops three areas of A, B and C in turn, has total planning area of near 500,000 square meters, and makes total investment of about 1.198 billion Yuan. The project uses small high-level as main, multi-layer and high-level as auxiliary, has about 3,300 houses and 50,000 square meters of auxiliary public buildings, 60 towers, 3 underground garages and 1 kindergarten in total, and is one of large real estate projects in Dongying City.

The project is located at downtown area at the junction between east and west parts of Xicheng Distrcit, Dongying City, hand perfect living, traffic and commercial auxiliary, is close to Prosperous business circle in Dongying City, Xishui Park, Sports Park and Guangli River Landscape, and has very high economic net present value and internal rate of return.

2. Shengshi Lanting project

Shengshi Lanting project is located at 600m (east of Qiuyue Lake) at the south of junction between Beiyi Road and Kangyang Road, Dongying City, and has land area of 49,744.3 square meters, building area of 77,523 square meters, plot ratio of 1.0 and greening rate of over 35%. The community consists of 18 towers, including 442 bird's-eye view villas, and is city level flower court mansion customized for topping level persons in Dongying City.

   The project copies Mediterranean classic architectural style as example, has outside ecologic landscapes such as Qiuyue Lake, Liri Lake, Jinhu Lake and Yinhe River, and inside five garden fairylands, and owns clam lake water, natural fresh oxygen, flowers and trees at bank. The project has house area range from 90 square meters to 140 square meters, has variable types, includes several designs such as popular house type with three rooms and two halls, split level and garden villa with split level design, and can meet the needs of different customers.

3. Shengshi Huafu project

Shengshi Huafu project is masterpiece of Dongying Subsidiary Company for expanding real estate business in Dongying City and developing Dongying markets. The project is located at the south of Beiyi Road and west of Lushan Road, Dongying City, is in the administrative center of New Area, has complete hotel, bank, park, hospital and school auxiliaries, and superior geographical location. The project has planning area of 39,433.8 square meters and total building area of 102,353 square meters, including ground building area of 82,688 square meters, and has plot ratio of 2.1.

The project is defined as “fashion, vitality and quality” community, and advocates new living style. The project consists of two 18-layer residential buildings, two 20-layer residential buildings, one 2-layer commercial buildings, one underground garage and one 4-layer mall, and has 604 houses. House types are mainly from 57 square meters to 110 square meter. The community has WIFI covering, imitation plastic track, community clinic, community dining hall and youth’s club, and creates youth’s community with comprehensive service.