The Pajingo project

      The picture shows the concentration plant for the Pajingo project – the average gold output of the current concentration plant is maintained at 65,000 ounces.

    The Pajingo project is located about 55 kilometers south of Australia’s famous gold mining area Charters Towers of Queensland State, Australia. It covers 18 mining tenements. The project is an in-production gold mine. The project adopts an operation mode combining open pit mining and underground mining. The current annual output of gold is maintained at 65,000 ounces. The process flow is reasonable and the infrastructure is perfect.    

    Since the project is far from the headquarter of Minjar company, and to ensure that the headquarter has real-time understanding of the production and operation status of the project site, the management headquarter ensures the project runs efficient and stable through taking the method as project leaders to attend the monthly meetings regularly, and the headquarters of the company to regularly visit the site every month to guide the work. With more than a year of joint efforts by Chinese and foreign employees, the project's resource potential and open-pit mining capabilities have been greatly enhanced with promising prospect.

    Gold processing staffs are working hard, and all activities at the mine are based on safe operation as the most important prerequisite. Therefore, all department operations set specific requirements for wearing and wearing personal protection devices.

    Pajingo project’s gold processing staffs are cooling and cleaning newly-formed gold ingots

    Each piece of gold bullion produced is marked with a specific number for weighing and specific data record before being sent to the mint for purification.

    The picture shows the drilling rig of the Pajingo Project – one of the main locations for the exploration department.