The Golden Dragon project

The aerial view of the Golden Dragon project covers the project camp (employee accommodation/indoor office area) in the lower left corner and the project concentration plant in the upper right corner.

The Golden Dragon project, located in Perth, Western Australia, covers a mining area of approximately 1,400 km2, and it has more than 100 mining tenements. The project is the first in-production project owned by the Minjar company. The current mining model is open-pit mining. The concentrator runs all year round and maintains a stable production status. The annual output of gold is maintained at 35,000 ounces. The gold bullion mined is sold to the nearby Perth Mint where further purification is implemented.

With years of operation, the management system of Golden Dragon project has been gradually improved. The project has insisted on holding a general safety meeting every day to disseminate knowledge of safety operations and regularly organizing safety knowledge training. Therefore, the frequency of accidents throughout the year is far below the industry average. During the operation of the project, we have established a good corporate image and created a harmonious work environment by strictly abiding by local Australian laws and customs. Employees work in a shift system and travel between Perth and the project by taking a small aircraft, which further enhances work efficiency. Chinese and foreign employees make concerted efforts in work and care for each other in life, effectively ensuring the continuous and stable production and operation.

    The picture shows an open pit mine currently being mined at the Golden Dragon project – East Creek

The picture shows the best employee awarding ceremony for the 2017 Golden Dragon project held at the camp. The second and the third employees on the left are the award-winning employees, who are respectively Tania Leaso (camp logistics manager) and John Sagar (maintenance department staff at the mine stie). Minjar’s CEO Ji Guanghui (the second one from the right), COO Don Russell (the first one from the right) and Golden Dragon project's former mine director Barend Knoetze (the first from the left) presented awards to the two employees for their outstanding performance in 2017.